"Meet Benjamin! Heavy Metal Cyborg Ninja!"

Waya Hime introducing Benjamin, in Fancy Angles

Title Heavy Metal Cyborg Ninja of Pain
Gender Male
Race Musical Cyborg Ninja
Affiliation Dr. Bomb,
Waya Hime
Enemies Bravoman,
Status Alive
Location Earth, Bombshelter
Voiced By N/a

Benjamin is a ninja originally part of the Karasu Tengu Dojo working for Pistol Daimyo, until he joined and was modified by Dr. Bomb.


Being a Cyborg-Ninja, Benjamin doesn't possess much of a personality, however it is clear that he is very serious and not easily distracted. He also is shown to have good sense in music, and appears to be honorable. Upon being given a voice chip his personality seemed to be that of a villainous surfer though.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Cybernetic Strength: Due to being a cyborg, Benjamin has super-human strength, though it isn't displayed often.
  • Ninja Speed: Due to being a ninja, Benjamin is shown to be quick, and have fast reflexes.
  • Keytar Sword: Perhaps Benjamin's most notable trait, his keytar styled broad sword, which is used as his most often way of fighting.
  • Binja Command: Benjamin is able to control a vast army of his weaker replicas; Binjas.


He was originally a ninja at the Karasu Tengu Dojo, before being modified by Dr. Bomb. He first appeared summoned by Waya Hime for her rematch against Bravoman. He was defeating by being hit in the head with a banjo, which Anti-Bravoman provided. He later appears after Bravoman discovered the Bravo Blaster feature in his suit. Just before the climax of their battle could be met, the arc was cut short as a preview for Bravoman: Binja Bash. He is last seen at the way end of the final arc, arguing with Dr. Bomb over a non-specific subject.



Benjamin Ohkubo Hikozaeman by Hitoshi Ariga, credit goes to him.

In the original game, his full name was Benjamin Ohkubo Hikozaeman. He could speak normaly, and didn't use a Keytar Sword.


  • He used to speak in Musical Cyborg Ninja, which is basically music notes, but later he was given a voice chip by Dr. Bomb. It was later removed.

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