"Stand down Ancient Evil. No longer will you trouble this peaceful world."

—Bravo Master to Zulu in Bravular Fusion

Bravo Master
Title Ultimate Fusion of Righteous Heroism
Gender None (Refered to as a he)
Race Bravo-man
Affiliation Bravo-Corps,
Waya Hime
Enemies Zulu
Status Alive
Location Neo New Kyoto
Voiced By N/a

Bravo Master is the fusion of the members of the Bravo-Corps. He first appeared when the Bravo-Corps where beaten by Zulu


Not much is known about Bravo Master's personality due to his limited appearance. Though it is obvious that he is Heroic and has a true and strong sense of Justice.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Unequaled Strength: Bravo Master has strength greater than any mortal in the universe, non can equal it's power.
  • Master Punch: Using his Super Unequaled Strength, Bravo Master gathers a lot of power into one unequaled punch.
  • Excellence-Particles: He is also shown to be able to create shields and a jetpack out of Pure Excellence.


This is Bravo Master's original form, first seen when in the Rise of Bravo Master!!! arc, to combat Zulu. His powers include super human strength, flight by jetpack, and the abilities to create almost anything from Pure Excellence.

Shinobi Essence Custom

This form occurred when Waya Hime fused along with the Bravo-Corps, in The Death of Bravoman. This form retains Bravo Master's original powers, but also has ninja skills.


Shinobi Essence Custom


When the Bravo-Corps was defeated by the menace ZuluAnti-Bravoman's Anti-Particles became unstable, sucking the other members of the Bravo-Corps into him, causing them to fuse into the Ultimate Fusion of Righteous Heroism, Bravo Master! Bravo Master managed to defeat Zulu with ease, and gave him a chance to give up. The beast refused, and he threw the Zulu into the sun. After the victory Bravo Master "gracefully returned" to his original forms. He then returned in The Death of Bravoman, when the Bravo-Corps and Waya Hime fused to combat a mysterious threat.


  • Bravo Master seems to be a reference to 'Giant Heroes' from Japan. A notable example is Ultraman.
  • Bravo Master makes a cameo as the "Beraboh Masuta" Collectors Kit in Homecoming.

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