Bravoman: Super Unequaled Hero Of Excellence is a webcomic series, that is published on Bravoman is the main protagonist of the series, along with Alphaman his mentor. The Duo battles many enemies such as; Robots, Ninjas, Monsters, and Aliens. And more specifically their arch nemesis Dr. Bomb.


Hitoshi Nakamura was a salary man. Well, he was before Alphaman appeared and gave him the Bravo Powers to defend the Earth from the evil Dr. Bomb. He soon becomes the target of the Ninja sent by Dr. Bomb named Waya Hime. She is instantly infatuated, yet still wants to kill him. Benjamin, a Cyborg Ninja dispatched to destroy Bravoman is another of Dr. Bomb's minions. Bravoman's self proclaimed rival, Anti-Bravoman, constantly appears tryign to best Bravoman, but is alwaysed ignored and ends up getting hurt. Bravoman soon makes enemies with Brave Man, a cartoon hero, who is a parody of Bravoman. Bravoman and Alphaman end up going on odd adventures, like going to Alpha's home planet to stop Zulu, a giant octopus alien who's trying to destroy the Planet. During Bravoman's fighta gainst Zulu, he is aided by other 'Bravo' heroes, including; Anti-Bravoman, Braveman, and Bravowoman, heroine who is better than him in every way. They stand no chance against the monster, and end up fusing into one being, Bravomaster