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Area 11 - GO!! Fighting Action Power

Area 11 - GO!! Fighting Action Power

This is the Super Unequaled Wiki of Excellence! Also known as the Bravoman Wiki. This wiki is dedicated to provide people with everything you need to know about the Bravoman webcomic. We are currently looking for users to help this Wiki prosper. You can help if you want!

What is This?Edit

Wii Virtual Console - Bravoman Trailer

Wii Virtual Console - Bravoman Trailer

The Bravoman franchise consists of Games, Comics, and even a Show! It focuses on Hitoshi Nakamura, or better known as the Hero of Unequaled Excellence; Bravoman, as he fights the forces of the evil Dr. Bomb, the invading Atlantian armies, and Aliens! He is assisted by his mentor Alphaman, and even somtimes his rival, Anti-Bravoman!


5/26/2014: Today is Matt Moylan's (the Story-writer of Bravoman and Avian Odyssey) Birthday! Huzzah!

5/20/2014: Bravoman is 26 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAVOMAN! BRAVO!

5/5/2014: I have realized I've been sloppy with news, but I have resolved to make sure to update it whenever I can!

3/5/2014: Team Bravo's new project, Avian Odyssey, has been announced! Check it out:

20/3/2014: Bravoman: Super Unequaled Hero of Excellence has officially ended, but it will always live on in many people's hearts.

7/6/2013: Bravoman is now a model page, and is blocked from normal users. All pages should use it's lay out. HoshinoKaabi

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