"I ALWAYS blend into my surroundings!"

Camo, in Always Blend In

Title Invisible Arborist Ninja
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Pistol Daimyo
Komuso (sister)
Waya Hime
Enemies Bravoman
Status Alive
Location Karasu Tengu Dojo
Voiced By N/A
Camo is a recurring ninja in the command of Pistol Daimyo.


Camo first appeared in Bravoman #87: Daimyo’s Dearth. He has a passion for camouflage and carries two small trees to blend in with when not in woodlands. He was the first trial of the Ninja arc, and appeared during the Waya Gaiden Side story with Waya Hime and Komuso. He also appears with Anti-Bravoman and Zortan in Bravoman #228: Interrobang.

It was revealed that Komuso is his sibling in Bravoman #227: Charting It.


  • Camo is based on a generic foot-soldier in the original game, known as a "Kakuremino".

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