"Oh, also, I have some ninjas, ninjas are cool!"

Dr. Bomb, in Meet Dr. Bomb

Dr. Bomb
Title Scientific Villain of Incredible Speech
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Waya Hime,
Attack Bomber V9,
Daimyo Pistol
Enemies Bravoman,
Status Alive
Location Earth, Bombshelter
Voiced By Dee Bradly Baker

Dr. Bomb is an evil scientist trying to take over the world, and the main antagonist of Bravoman: Super Unequaled Hero of Excellence, and it's Animated Series.


Dr. Bomb is very cunning, but commonly falls over himself do to overthinking, or miss-naming. Due being a foreigner, he has a very thick German accent, but with an over exagerrated Asian speach pattern. This makes it hard to communicate with him sometimes, and ends up messing some stuff up. He is also very ambitious, as he dreams of ruling the world, though his actually level of villainy is questionable. He also has a huge fear of kittens, or cats in general.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Ultimate Bad Mind of Mega Destruction World Wining: Dr. Bomb has a very high IQ level, though the exact number is left ambigous. His knowledge is shown by the fact that he has assembled millions of robotic minions, presumably on his own.
  • Robotic Hand: While not being a power, Dr. Bomb has a mechanical claw-like hand. It's defense purposes are questionable, but theoretically it could be used for defense.


Dr. Bomb was conducting experiments in his lab involving some Anti-Particles, an Ink Cartridge, and his own Frozen Hand. When the Bravo energy hit the lab, these items combined into Anti-Bravoman. Soon after, he started his invasion on the world with his Robots, and his ninjas. He hasn't really done much, other than sending random robots to destroy Bravoman. He gets his ninjas from Daimyo Pistol in exchange for money to buy Fan Wax.


  • The original Dr. Bomb, had a hairstyle resembling an atom bomb explosion, while this version just has a "fat cucumber" like hairstyle.

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