Capture 20
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Pistol Daimyo

Camo (brother)
Waya Hime

Enemies Bravoman
Status Alive
Location Karasu Tengu Dojo
Voiced By N/A
Komuso is a recurring ninja under Pistol Daimyo.


Komuso first appeared in Daimyo’s Dearth. Upon being questioned why she wears the basket over her head, she revealed she has a pimple she wishes to hide. She reappears in the Waya Gaiden Side story in the Ninja Academy with Waya and Camo. She makes another reappearance as Bravoman's second trial during the Ninja arc.

It was revealed that she and Camo are siblings in Charting It.


  • Komuso's name is a reference to Komusō, Japanese monks known for wearing straw baskets and playing a bamboo flute.
    • Komuso tries to play a flute in the Waya Gaiden Side story.