Bravoman Episode 6 Laser Mummies From Beyond the Moon

Bravoman Episode 6 Laser Mummies From Beyond the Moon

Laser Mummies from beyond the moon

This is the season 1 finale of the web series.



A fake clip show involving Bravoman and Alphaman arguing about a movie, thus leading Alphaman to recruit Laser Mummies to prove his point.


  • This episode references other Namco Bandai video games.
    • Wonder Momo makes a cameo appearance.
    • Alphaman mentions Pac-Man.
    • One clip shows Bravoman, Alphaman, and Anti-Bravoman racing in Dirk Davies.
  • The ever famous internet meme "It's Over 9000!" is reference by Anti when Bravoman's power sky rockets.
    • "It's over 9-Bajillion!"

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