"I like snacks!"

Lottery Man, almost all the time.

Lottery Man
Title Snack-Conveying Mobile Robot
Gender Male(programming)
Race Robot
Affiliation Team Bravo,
Bravoman, Alphaman
Enemies N/a
Status Alive
Location Earth, Roaming for the greatest foods
Voiced By N/a

Lottery Man) is Alphaman's robot butler from Planet Alpha. He came to Planet Earth with Alpha, and was soon exposed to Earth television leading him to become obsessed with junk food.


Lottery Man has a very one-track mind, always thinking about food. While he primarily focuses on snack foods, his been shown to go out of his way in order to get traditional foods, such as onigiri.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Snack Request Detection: Lottery Man is uncannily able to hear whenever Alpha or Bravoman asks for snacks, and will arrive quickly.
  • Snack Storage: He appears to be able to carry many snacks with him despite the quantity. It is possible that he stores them inside him, considering he is a robot.


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Toy InformationEdit



  • N/a

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