"Ding Ding. I replaced my pathetic predecessor ages ago."

Reverse Bravoman to Bravoman, in An Anti-Hero Revealed

Bravoman (Reverse)
Title N/a
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Reverse Alphaman,
Reverse Waya Hime,
Reverse Bravowoman,
Reverse Braveman,
Reverse Nega-Pigeon
Enemies Binjas, Bravoman, Reverse Salaryman
Status Unknown
Location Beyond the Fourth Wall (Formerly Reverse Universe
Voiced By N/a

Reverse Bravoman is Bravoman from another dimension. He leads the resistance against his own giant Binjas.


This Bravoman first appears after Bravoman is brought to the resistance camp in the Reverse Universe. He shows up with Reverse Alphaman attacking Bravoman seeing him as in impostor. This is soon cleared up and he explains to Bravoman the state of the dimension. He is not actually the reverse of Bravoman, as it turns out, but Reverse-Anti-Bravoman, who kidnapped the real Reverse Bravoman (see Reverse Salaryman) so he could play hero himself. He was then defeated by both Bravoman, and Reverse Salaryman pushed him out of the webcomic, after disabbling the "Fifth Wall".

Reverse Bravoman with Reverse Alphaman.