Episode 12 of the webseries, and the season one finale.

Bravoman Episode 12 The Grand Prehistoric Space Hockey Adventure-0

Bravoman Episode 12 The Grand Prehistoric Space Hockey Adventure-0




T-Rex (Debut)

Bravo-Clone (Debut)

Alpha-Clone (Debut)


Waya Hime

Attack Bomber V9

Dr. Bomb




When Bravo realizes that this is the end of the season, he and Alpha go through all of the tropes they can think of so that, if there was not another season, they would have done everything that a superhero show could cover.


  • Instead of the regular opening theme, this video begins with the Anti-Bravoman Theme
  • Instead of the regular closing theme, this video ends with Area 11's "Shi-No-Barado"
  • Bravoman and Alphaman finish the episode playing the original Bravoman game.
  • After dying almost immediately when playing the original Bravoman, Bravo yells "This game sucks!"
  • Alphaman mentions Susan, the fifth Pacman ghost and how she faded into obscurity.
  • This is the only episode with the full credits.

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