BM042 Uh-oh-At-The-Dojo

"Uh-oh at the Dojo" is the forty-second comic in Bravoman: Super Unequaled Hero of Excellence




Crow Demons (Debut)


Alpha and Bravo arrive at the Karasu Tengu Dojo , the place Waya Hime wanted to meet for her and Bravo's "date". Bravo ponders about the meaning of "Karasu Tengu", with Alpha telling him that it means "crow demon" just as they are ambushed by a flock of crow demons.

Bravoman: Super Unequaled Hero of Excellence
The Beginning

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The Secret History of Bravoman

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The Karasu Tengu Dojo

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Enter: Braveman

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Mrs. Bravoman

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Alpha Clause

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Legal Problems

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Under Water

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The Return of Bravo the Barbarian

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Under the Helmet

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Wrath of Zed

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Binja Battle

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Ninja Dungeon

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Big Binja Battle

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Return to Bravo-Chan

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The Reverse Universe

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Fight On Beraboh Man!

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The Death of Bravoman!

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