Hey, all! I'm Chase, but you can find me around as Chasemoose, DekuNut, or TriforceP. I'm a  huge nerd, being a huge fan of Zelda, Pokemon (Up to Generation IV), Magic: The Gathering, and quite a few other things. I also like to read and play Mafia/Scum (if you don't know what it is, check it out. It's a blast), as well as being an Rper, usually on Zelda pages, but I've branched out quite a bit. I also write some, and I'm in the middle of a Zelda fanfic and considering a Bravoman one.

Which brings me to this. My brother and I used to be huge fans of a group of Youtubers called The Yogscast. Just for fun, I sent my brother the link to their band, Area11. He became addicted, and listens to nothing else except for that and his Legend of Zelda: 25th Anniversery Soundtrack all day. As each of their songs are based off of animes, and he loves anime, he decided to see what each one was based off of. It ended up that his favorite song, one called "GO! Fighting Action Power" was actually written for the Namco-Bandai Corporation's "ShiftyLook" as a theme to their new webderies, "Bravoman". We watched those, found them hillarious, and soon after I decided to check out the webcomic that they advertised. I did, and found their website. While I read most of their comics, Bravoman has always been my favorite. I first showed up in November, when "Putting it in Reverse" was the newest comic.

I read up to that point in a day.

No, seriously. I have no life.

Once when I was reading the rules of the internet, I created my own rule: Rule 34.1, that, if it exists, there is a wiki about it. And so I found this sad, neglected thing and decided to help out. And now I do. Any questions?

Nice to meet y'all!