Wonder Momo
Capture 10
Title N/a
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Glooder, Bravoman, Anti-Momo
Enemies Anti-Bravoman, Dr. Bomb, King Waru, King Bomb
Status Alive
Location N/a
Voiced By Romi Dames
Even though she isn't a Bravoman Character she makes cameo appearences in Bravoman.


Wonder Momo first appeared along with her alien sidekick Glooder in the Bravoman X Wonder Momo crossover series. She talks with Bravoman about what they should do just as Anti-Bravoman interrupts and challenges Bravoman again. Momo easily captures Anti in her hoop causing Anti's particles to go out of control making a black hole. Monder Momo is sucked in and fuses with Anti becoming "Anti-Momo". As this happens Glooder runs up to inform Bravoman that Anti-Momo is to much of a character change to happen outside her own series. Bravoman proceeds to ripping the script and voiding the happening. Momo and Glooder then go home. Momo is mentioned during the Zulu Arc when Bravoman meant to telebeam Wonder Momo but got Brave Man instead. She also appeared in Bravomans 100th comic special along with her rival/friend Amazona. She made another cameo in the Web Series which Bravoman yells "She's not a Bravoman character!".

She appeared in the Web Series again in episode 11. She gets a letter from "Bravoman" (really the King of the Waru) that says that he's going bad, and Bravoman recieves a similar letter from "Wonder Momo" (really Dr. Bomb), and the two battle it out until their sidekicks realize the problem, in just enough time for the pair to fight their nemeses.