Zulu is a giant octopus-like alien native to Planet Alpha, which it also tried to destroy.


Zulu terrorizing the Planet of Alpha.


This was Zulu's original form. He was in the natural form for most of his life, including when he was Alphaman's pet, and when he terrorized Planet Alpha.


This form occurred when Zulu used Dr. Bomb as a host, thus mutating the evil doctor into a Warlord-Human hybrid.


Originally owned as a pet by a young Alphaman when it was a baby. At some time, after it had grown it started to terrorize the Planet. Alphaman then left to find one to defeat the beast. After sometime, Alphaman returned with the Bravo-Corps, who fused into the being Bravomaster to defeat the menace. After a battle, the fused Bravomaster threw him into the sun, and he was believed dead.

However, Zulu survived as an essence, and fused into Dr. Bomb's soul, mutating the later into his new form.

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